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Food As Medicine Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources for nutrition and health professionals who want to incorporate Food As Medicine principles into their work.

Toolkit Contents:

  • Introduction to Food As Medicine for Nutrition Professionals
  • Food Security Resources
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour Template 
  • Client & Patient Education Brochure
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About Sifter

Sifter is making the “Food as Medicine” movement accessible by empowering people to shop for groceries while adhering to personal dietary needs and advice from their healthcare provider. Built by Registered Dietitians, Sifter supports standards of practice and can be used to enhance patient and client adherence to nutrition recommendations.

Sifter allows users to build a custom profile from thousands of dietary tags, many of which are powered by evidence-based, regulatory compliant algorithms.

The new Sifter Scan by Diet mobile application now offers users the ability to efficiently shop for their personalized dietary needs in the grocery store of their choice!